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"I think A.J. is a little slower in processing information. Gus has more experience and playing time; he's a little quicker at reading defenses and getting the ball out. But A.J. has all the tools to assimilate more as time goes on."
"I thought I really liked him coming out. I saw an upside. But I don't see the growth you like to see in a young quarterback, decision-making-wise and throwing-wise."
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"To lead the league in attendance is mind-boggling. I know as well as anyone, you've got to win in Philadelphia and that's our goal. You've got to start winning."
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"Positive thinking is the key to success in business, education, pro football, anything that you can mention. I go out there thinking that I'm going to complete every pass."
"It's as hard as I've ever seen it on anybody."
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"[Bledsoe may be considered old school, but it is the school most quarterbacks attend, including Manning.] They're almost clones, ... They're that similar in their style and how they play the game. I don't think the game has changed from the time Drew was drafted until Eli was drafted."
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"[The problem I'm having with Harrington is he should be beyond some of the mistakes he continues to make in his fourth season. He has thrown 1,564 passes, but if the light bulb has gone on, it isn't burning brightly.] I thought I really liked him coming out, ... I saw an upside. But I don't see the growth you like to see in a young quarterback, decision-making wise and throwing wise."
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"I know how much the coach puts into it. Everybody in Kansas City understands the work ethic of the man. You just don't walk away from that and not take a piece of it with you."
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"In every meeting I've ever been in, the quarterbacks and receivers sit with each other and the quarterbacks coach is constantly directing things at those guys and they're constantly going over details,"
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"I just hope that's enough, ... because the Eagles have a lot of things working against them now, too."
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"He only had to make one or two plays a game, and he could play to that defense. Not to denigrate the job he did there, because he did a terrific job."
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"People may want to call it the Moss factor or whatever they want, but there is no doubt in my film study, the vertical stretch that Randy brought that offense is sorely missed right now. When I look at the tape from last year with Moss in that lineup, you've got safeties sitting back there 18, 19, 20 yards, sometimes not even on the screen (of the coaching tape)."
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"When you're involved in the National Football League, the competitiveness never leaves you,"
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