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"As the media business evolves, and companies are looking to mix both content with distribution, Disney must make some changes."
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"The company's policy to limit communication with investors creates many situations where George Reyes has to take it on the chin. If you compound that [lack of communication] with the company's unparalleled performance -- any cautious directional comments he makes will be viewed with great emotion."
"The company is executing quite well ... but there's nothing that made me jump out of my seat and scream 'Yahoo!'."
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"For a company that now has the status of being added to the S&P 500, they need to tighten up and do it in a hurry. They should be offering financial guidance, which will reduce volatility for the shares. The shares will be in a lot of retirement funds. They need to tighten up."
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"The company missed at the revenue line and reported what you would characterize as a messy quarter, which is not altogether unexpected due to the economic environment. Nobody is immune to broader economic trends."
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"Comcast would be a monolithic and powerful distribution house with a lack of content. QVC and the Golf Channel don't do it for me and Disney is content rich."
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"As long as Yahoo continues to meet or exceed projections, shares should trade higher. The stage is set for sentiment to improve."
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