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12 Richard Chu quotes:

"The fact that everything is back on the drawing board, with respect to partitioning the printer business, makes the stock more attractive."
Author: Chu Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"I don't have high expectations for revenue gains from HP in this environment."
Author: Chu Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"Their market position is relatively weak. HP has the technology, cost structure. They are making life very tough for Lexmark."
Author: Chu Quotes Category: Life Quotes
"Apple certainly has the capacity historically to consistently surprise and that may inject new people. However, there is a clear caution flag that we ought to be prepared for growth rates to fall."
Author: Chu Quotes Category: People Quotes
"We believe that the CEO will tighten operations execution, ... Business is trending in the right direction, underlying franchises are strong, and what is missing is attention to operational execution, a situation that we believe will be rectified. We think this is an attractive place to put new money."
Author: Chu Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"Apple has a strong desire to be a major player in the home, but they haven't played their cards yet. They have been very careful to bring together a value proposition that's consistent with everything else that they do, which is easy to use and integrated."
Author: Chu Quotes Category: Desire Quotes
"I think that should set up a very positive picture for the December quarter, subject to execution."
Author: Chu Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"To a very large degree, the significant compression in Dell's valuation over the past 18 months already discounts this secular slowing, with price-to-trailing revenue now at 2.5X, down from upwards of 5-6X not too long ago, ... Accordingly, our upgrade of the shares in July and this downgrade cannot be more ill-timed."
Author: Chu Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"I think we'll get a recasting of the combined company on a backward-looking basis and some parameters for looking at the second half. I doubt that we will see any specific guidance beyond that."
Author: Chu Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"They can split the costs more. It makes sense to divide the cost and share the risk."
Author: Chu Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"At yesterday's meeting, management expressed confidence that operating margins in the computing systems segment should double in six to nine months,"
Author: Chu Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"In spite of conventional wisdom to the contrary, in our view, Sun has a future and, potentially a very bright one. We see the passing of the baton as affirmation that Sun can move into a strategic harvesting phase combined with focus on streamlined cost structure."
Author: Chu Quotes Category: Future Quotes

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