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"While some forecast the economy to be strong this year, some areas hit with heavy downsizing could struggle."
"It becomes a question of, 'How do you create a culture with a sense of openness for everybody?'"
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"not a good indication of stronger job creation to come."
"the economy may be rolling over again."
"Retailers, restaurants, real estate, home improvement stores... will all see business decline."
"Even as demand and salaries rise, college students should not be lulled into thinking that the job search will be easy or that jobs will be handed to anyone with a degree."
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"There's also more room when an individual poses some kind of litigation threat to the company over any of the protected kinds of situations like discrimination against age, gender or race, ... That kind of potential exposure to litigation can sometimes be extra leverage for a person to bump up their package."
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"There's going to be conflict because you've got people who are reaching 50 and want the top job, and you've got others who aren't willing to step aside."
"It can't hurt to talk with an attorney if you feel your severance program is wanting, or if you feel you've been wronged, ... That attorney can then address those issues with the company and act as your agent."
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"Consumers are said to have more income (including the Bush tax cut), but are spending less. That may be the strongest indication that recovery from the current situation may be longer off than Wall Street analysts expect."
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"People see themselves moving (between) too many jobs today, too many companies."
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"Now, ... it appears that companies are disregarding the fact that serious labor shortages persist, and are deciding to trim their workforces after a merger or acquisition."
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"The labor market is starting to look more and more like the one we experienced in the late 1990s. Companies are undoubtedly reluctant to increase their costs, but it has become necessary to boost salaries and special benefits in order to attract and retain the top talent."
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"This may not mean that telecom is the weakest of the technology industries, but it is clearly the most volatile. While some areas in this industry are consolidating, others are expanding."
"Many companies have now had over two years of strong profitability. They haven't yet completely reinvested that in technology, but as they gain economic strength, they will."
"Technology has sped everything up and, by speeding everything up, it's slowed everything down, paradoxically."
"Businesses are starting to ramp up spending on new equipment and technology and consumer spending looked relatively strong in January, despite predictions that they were tapped out. This may mean fewer job cuts in the months ahead as companies try to meet the steady demand for their products."
"This may not mean that telecom is the weakest of the technology industries, but it is clearly the most volatile, ... While some areas in this industry are consolidating, others are expanding."
"Tech cuts have been trending downward year after year as firms continue to regain their strength after the devastating dot-com collapse in 2000 and 2001."
"It's a good sign in the face of all these tech cuts, ... I'll bet they can really access great talent right now. To bring that many people into the company when pickings are really good, it should be a real lift for the company."
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