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John Challenger Quotes

27 John Challenger quotes:

"Businesses are starting to ramp up spending on new equipment and technology and consumer spending looked relatively strong in January, despite predictions that they were tapped out. This may mean fewer job cuts in the months ahead as companies try to meet the steady demand for their products."
"This may not mean that telecom is the weakest of the technology industries, but it is clearly the most volatile, ... While some areas in this industry are consolidating, others are expanding."
"Tech cuts have been trending downward year after year as firms continue to regain their strength after the devastating dot-com collapse in 2000 and 2001."
"Even as demand and salaries rise, college students should not be lulled into thinking that the job search will be easy or that jobs will be handed to anyone with a degree."
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"There's going to be conflict because you've got people who are reaching 50 and want the top job, and you've got others who aren't willing to step aside."
"It becomes a question of, 'How do you create a culture with a sense of openness for everybody?'"
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"While some forecast the economy to be strong this year, some areas hit with heavy downsizing could struggle."

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