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27 John Challenger quotes:

"We are approaching full employment and some employers are already dreaming up perks to attract the best talent."
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"Job opportunities are described on the front pages daily as new emphasis is put on several industries, including security, communications, defense, medical equipment and supplies, as well as continuing significant opportunities in health care,"
"Companies that simply let these workers go will probably find a significant decline in the level of customer service and may even find some customers taking their business elsewhere."
Author: Challenger Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"It's novel enough that some problems haven't manifested themselves yet. Inevitably, it creates problems. It does create tensions in the workplace."
"When you're out for three or four years, you've got book knowledge and the market doesn't want that,"
"We are at a peak period of employment. Companies can't afford to lose people."
Author: Challenger Quotes Category: People Quotes
"Even when the economy is fully recovered and companies are back in expansion mode, we may not see a revival in hiring of the rank-and-file worker. Cost containment oriented companies, in an effort to become more agile in this increasingly competitive global marketplace, will rely more an more on a just-in-time workforce of contract and contingent workers."
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