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3 Rick Blount quotes:

"The idea of New Orleans being a destination city is a huge part of our business, maybe as high as 80 percent."
Author: Blount Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"We're constrained on many levels. We subcontract our bread, but because of labor limitations at the bakery, we can't get our signature bread. So we're just taking regular French bread. We don't have enough manpower to cut our own fish, so we are subcontracting the actual filleting. It's a lot easier for us to judge the quality of a whole fish than it is to judge the quality of a fillet. But we don't have that luxury right now."
Author: Blount Quotes Category: Labor Quotes
"I thought for sure the government at some level would have solved my problems for me, but since that doesn't look like it's going to happen, we have to go this route."
Author: Blount Quotes Category: Government Quotes

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