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Adriane Berg Quotes

7 Adriane Berg quotes:

"It's important that you charge properly, not undercharge or overcharge. You can do that by talking to other kids who are doing the same sorts of things."
Author: Berg Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"People immediately think budgeting means getting rid of the things they love the most."
Author: Berg Quotes Category: Love Quotes
"A business card makes your mind put together everything that you want to say. It makes you name the business, says where the business is going to be located, what hours you're going to be there, and how you can be reached."
Author: Berg Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"There's a myth that debt is dangerous."
Author: Berg Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"The important thing to remember, ... is that you will lose money in the stock market at some point -- but the overall rewards are hard to beat."
Author: Berg Quotes Category: Money Quotes
"My 16-year-old son has all of his college money invested in stock with Merrill. He's not in hedge funds. His money is in AT&T."
Author: Berg Quotes Category: College Quotes
"Overspending is a very attractive trap. If people like what they're doing, despite the worry of debt, they won't do anything about it."
Author: Berg Quotes Category: Debt Quotes

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