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Jason Bloomberg Quotes

6 Jason Bloomberg quotes:

"These products are basically not service-oriented in the sense that they still enforce the"
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"From the point of view of Progress/Sonic, adding the SOA management capabilities rounds out the Sonic ESB product into a suite that more completely addresses the infrastructure requirements of SOA."
"The insurance industry can benefit significantly from a comprehensive library of software resources. A service-oriented approach to providing access to library components is a flexible, cost-effective way to help organizations determine which components they may require to better manage their business."
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"It raises the bar for commercial products, because vendors have to offer value on top of what open-source solutions can give you."
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"Basically, the UBR is a relic of an earlier vision for UDDI. The original vision for UDDI was as a standard that would help companies conduct business with each other in an automated fashion. The idea was that companies could publish how they wanted to interact, and other companies could find that information and use it to establish a relationship."
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"Policy management is really the key. Companies need to figure out their policies from a business perspective, and then communicating and managing those is the technology challenge. If you don't create this governance, then you have chaos. If you don't have a framework for coordinating services, there is no way to get the benefits of reuse."
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