Bruce MacDonald Quotes

5 Bruce MacDonald quotes:

"It was a business decision the tribe made reluctantly. There's no good time to close a business. The tribe made the decision and had to act on it."
Author: MacDonald Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"It's a season restaurant and was supposed to open in May, but the tribe has been reviewing its business operations, as it periodically does, and the Tribal Council thought there could be a better use for the building from a business perspective. They see a more profitable use."
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"[The tribe] repeatedly said its trust applications will be confined to ancestral lands in Connecticut."
Author: MacDonald Quotes Category: Trust Quotes
"It's going up almost every night. I guess the storm had a lot to do with it."
Author: MacDonald Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"I would love to invite the governor to come down and see the good work that we're dong. Why not?"
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