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Mark Dyer Quotes

8 Mark Dyer quotes:

"Our brand is really our business and our livelihood. It is our hall of fame, so we certainly wouldn't want some content going in that we felt was detrimental to the sport and what it was all about."
Author: Dyer Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"The main thing people are looking for now is energy-efficient homes. All of our homes have refrigerated air. Evaporative units are not as efficient, and building an energy-efficient quality home is the right thing to do."
Author: Dyer Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"Add all that up, and fans can spend a whole week in Charlotte and really experience the sport and its history. It puts an exclamation point on the experience."
Author: Dyer Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"The ballroom is a terrific feature. Induction banquets will be held there, as well as other NASCAR official events. The banquet hall is owned by the city and run by the city, so lots of non-NASCAR events will be held in banquet hall, too. They really need a facility of this size."
Author: Dyer Quotes Category: Events Quotes
"Both of their proposals were outstanding and the passion and enthusiasm the people involved showed for the NASCAR Hall of Fame has made a lasting impression on all of us."
Author: Dyer Quotes Category: Enthusiasm Quotes
"By the time this building opens, we'll have 61 or 62 years of racing in our history, so how many people do you induct in your charter class? Too many wouldn't be meaningful. How high is the bar for induction?"
Author: Dyer Quotes Category: History Quotes
"West Virginia has long been a hotbed for NASCAR. It is certainly one of the top states in the country in terms of fan support. The ONMC is all about bringing NASCAR to the cities and towns across America. NASCAR fans all across America are gravitating toward the local chapters and the Charleston chapter has been a leader in this area."
Author: Dyer Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"Checkers/Rally's officially licensed NASCAR Burgers are a great example of NASCAR expanding its relationship with a valued partner."
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