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James Goss Quotes

10 James Goss quotes:

"Usually you have some perspective on things. But what seemed acceptable at the time, what seemed like the norm, now you're judging people by standards that didn't exist at the time. I think it's worth twice what it's trading for, but you won't get credit for it until some of these clouds are lifted."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Perspective Quotes
"This is a business where the infrastructure costs are invested up front and now Sirius and XM are at the point where they are finally able to capitalize on those costs."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"They don't have much choice to reschedule the NCAA, ... The options would be to delay Survivor for a couple weeks or do what they're doing."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"HBO took an early lead and Showtime has had to catch up. You can attempt to be the first choice but, with Showtime, they may want to attempt to be the most interesting second option."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Choice Quotes
"The company is already doing some of the things he wants, just not to the extreme he's recommending,"
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"It's the end of a chapter in Time Warner's history. Ted Turner is one of the higher profile media icons we have in this industry."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: History Quotes
"It's only for two weeks. The Survivor crowd will probably follow Survivor to a new night, ... It's an addicting show."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"I think sometimes it's difficult to run something by committee; the management of both companies are strong-willed types of individuals. They both have their own way of doing things. That makes it hard to have the flow you need and to create the sixth network."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"I feel the management is competent, and it's attacking the one most important potential upside element, which is AOL."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"XM was aggressively trying to hold its own in the face of competition in the quarter."
Author: Goss Quotes Category: Competition Quotes

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