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"Operations continue and we're open for business. We hope that the Teamsters-represented workers will come back to work, but if the strike continues, our contingency plan will bring Sikorsky to full capacity."
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"We're not operating at full production at this point. We are meeting commitments to the customers."
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"We are very much committed to the community of Stratford. This is our home and will remain our home."
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"We have been contacted by hourly employees who have expressed a desire to return to work."
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"We're just very excited it's behind us. We're looking forward now and we're focused on the future."
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"We've offered our hourly-wage earners a health-care plan that's virtually identical to what we've provided to thousands of our salaried staff. It's a plan that gives them five options to choose health coverage that best meets their economic and medical needs."
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"We believe this is a good, fair and competitive offer. The rising cost of health care is something that's affecting all Americans. We're asking our union employees to shoulder more of the cost . . . to keep our factories in Connecticut and Florida competitive."
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"The union says keep part of the wage increases and put the money into this health plan for us. We think our plan accomplishes that and more so. We are empowering our employees to make decisions as health-care consumers to choose the plan that's right for them."
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"They all will be back at work. Their jobs are here."
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"We're hopeful that they approve the contract and come back to work making the world's best helicopters."
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"Our strong preference is to have our striking workers return to work."
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