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10 Kevin O'Connell quotes:

"We're very serious about communication. That's offensive that anybody would think we don't take communications seriously."
"We are focused on continuing our growth in Cleveland with the addition of more locations and more partnerships with our friends in the community."
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"It's going to be tough on him. It's not fun. You don't even get used to it. The biggest thing is sleeping (especially) if you're the kind of person who sleeps on your side and then you wake up grumpy because you didn't sleep."
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"It's been a really positive experience, ... I don't look at it as being a loser."
"They're a team with tons of talent,"
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"During this time of the year, our shamrock-shaped Smiley cookies are extremely popular. Additionally, we anticipate online sales of shamrock cookies to be strong. Our online Smiley cookie sales have really exploded in the last two months. We've shipped Smiley cookies to all 50 states. It's a great way to make someone's day."
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"Our commitment to Cleveland is one of our most important business strategies. As our Cleveland guests adopt our brand, we want to continue educating people about both our concept and our commitment to serving the local community."
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"There's a different feeling going on here. I look in the eyes of the guys in the huddle and on defense and see something. Hopefully there's something special about what we have."
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"I'm definitely aware of the quality quarterbacks they've had here,"
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"The advent of VLSI (very large scale integration) technology has reduced cost and increased the capabilities of the sensors."

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