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Jorma Ollila Quotes

13 Jorma Ollila quotes:

"We have a very good picture about the fourth quarter, as we said EPS and revenue growth is expected to be higher, but we can't put an exact number on it in this uncertain environment."
Author: Ollila Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"The handset market is entering a new growth period spurred by the arrival of an increasing number of mass volume products with colour and multimedia messaging capability, all enriching the customer experience,"
Author: Ollila Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"Profitability was driven by an excellent performance from our device businesses,"
Author: Ollila Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"We expect to have market share of 40 percent in the handset business, from our current position of 35 percent,"
Author: Ollila Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"A robust market coupled with our strong product portfolio and excellent execution produced outstanding results in a seasonally challenging first quarter."
Author: Ollila Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"Europe has come a long way but is threatening to stop now that the need to work together is bigger than ever."
Author: Ollila Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"Despite the more difficult market conditions ... we expect to see solid growth for the first quarter as a whole, with better-than-anticipated margins,"
Author: Ollila Quotes Category: Growth Quotes
"Based on our strong performance and preliminary market data for the first nine months in 1998, we now feel confident in declaring that we have significantly increased our market share in mobile phones to become the largest manufacturer of mobile phones worldwide,"
Author: Ollila Quotes Category: Performance Quotes
"In mobile devices, we have been making excellent progress in expanding and upgrading our product offering, which is the broadest in the market and caters to all relevant consumers and trade customers globally,"
Author: Ollila Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"Nokia is working closely with telecommunication service providers to reduce the cost of ownership and make more affordable and attractive handsets."
Author: Ollila Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"We felt very strongly that this digital technology would really take the industry,"
Author: Ollila Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"In addition to continuous growth in voice communication, other industries like music and digital imaging are quickly becoming more integral to mobility."
"Responsible policy makers do not make irresponsible decisions."
Author: Ollila Quotes Category: Decisions Quotes

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