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31 Germaine Greer quotes:

"Revolution is the festival of the oppressed"
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"Perhaps women have always been in closer contact with reality than men: it would seem to be the just recompense for being deprived of idealism."
Author: Greer Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"If a person loves only one other person, and is indifferent to his fellow men, his love is not love but a symbiotic attachment, or an enlarged egotism"
Author: Greer Quotes Category: Men Quotes
"Every time a woman makes herself laugh at her husband's often-told jokes she betrays him. The man who looks at his woman and says ''What would I do without you?'' is already destroyed."
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"The surest guide to the correctness of the path that women take is joy in the struggle. Revolution is the festival of the oppressed."
"The house wife is an unpaid employee in her husband's house in return for the security of being a permanent employee"
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"There is no such thing as security. There never has been."
Author: Greer Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"It is in our interests to let the police and their employers go on believing that the Underground is a conspiracy, because it increases their paranoia and their inability to deal with what is really happening. As long as they look for ringleaders and documents they will miss their mark, which is that proportion of every personality which belongs in the Underground."
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"The essence of pleasure is spontaneity"
Author: Greer Quotes Category: Pleasure Quotes
"A woman might claim to retain some of the child's faculties, although very limited and defused, simply because she has not been encouraged to learn methods of thought and develop a disciplined mind. As long as education remains largely induction ignorance will retain these advantages over learning and it is time that women impudently put them to work."
Author: Greer Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"Older women can afford to agree that femininity is a charade, a matter of colored hair, ecru lace and whalebones, the kind of slap and tat that transvestites are in love with, and no more."
Author: Greer Quotes Category: Women Quotes

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