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"Avon also has an advantage in that we've always shipped small orders to individuals. So we don't have the back-of-the-house complexities and barriers faced by other traditional companies who try to get up and running."
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"You know, you go home and you try on a new mascara, and I guess a male CEO can't do that."
"Women like myself, CEOs, can pave the way for more women to get to the top."
"Women like to use products that other women say work. The Internet will be a big opportunity, but you can't smell a fragrance there yet."
"Avon is a unique place to work; we've got family-friendly policies. We have more senior women in high-level management than any other company; 46 percent of our officers are women."
"I can only have dinner with my girlfriends once a month instead of once a week."
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"I think it's critical that you feel you're working for a person who is committed to advancing your career."
"No one in my family had a retail or marketing background. They were professionals. They didn't understand just what I was doing by going into retailing. After I started, though, it got into my blood. I knew this was what I wanted."
"Avon invented the concept of direct marketing and direct selling beauty. And that's still very valid to us. We'll have a firm that will be around for another 114 years as strongly as it was the first 114."
"We also never undercut representatives' prices. A representative will always be able to sell the discounts in our core business, which are not offered at retail. So it's never more advantageous to buy there."
"Since I'm a mother and a wife, I have to have passion or the frustration would win out. But I love managing people. The product is second to managing the people. And marketing to consumers is so challenging because it is evolving constantly."
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"My parents kept the best aspects of the Asian culture, and they Americanized the family. My mother was a great example for me. She was a working mother with a good career."
"If you feel like it's difficult to change, you will probably have a harder time succeeding."
"I became CEO at the beginning of the hit on old economy stocks. When something like that occurs in your first six months as a CEO of a more traditional branded firm, it makes for a fast learning curve."
"A representative is free delivery; she's a personal beauty consultant. Some people want that high touch."
"Charles is a results-driven leader with an exceptional track-record of performance, and we are very pleased that he is joining Avon in this important leadership position. His proven expertise in Latin America, coupled with his experience working with four major global consumer companies, will be important assets as we implement our growth strategies in our large and dynamic Latin American region."
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