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"We were looking for great teachers - teachers with great enthusiasm who have a passion to coach. Then, we needed some wisdom, as well. I think we got all of those things with the combination of the three guys we hired."
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"We'll have two evenly matched teams and that will keep the score down. But it's good competition and we are looking forward to seeing who can step up."
Author: Farley Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"They chose to stay in this community and stay at the University of Northern Iowa, which is obviously a great thing for us,"
Author: Farley Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"It could have been a game we had under control in the first quarter had we done the things we need to do. We all know that the downside is we made some turnovers and the upside is the defense played very good football and kept them at bay all day long."
Author: Farley Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"They scored so fast tonight, it seemed like we were playing defense all night."
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"Our offense moved the ball against a very good defense,"
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"I think that has been the best thing that's evolved from these two football games. It also allows us, as coaches, to go back and find the calls that best use their talents."
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"You've got a great football team that's now a mad football team,"
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"We just felt we had to become a power football team, and if we were going to make that move, today was the day to do it. Getting this on film and playing like this on the field, people are going to have to defend the run."
Author: Farley Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"The reality is, we played a very good football team, fell behind, and then came back to our game plan. We know what kind of football team we have now."
Author: Farley Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"I was pleased with the game. Initially, we were going to let the quarterbacks go live and see what they could do. Had we done that, I think it would have changed the course of the game."
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"Ryan makes plays because of his intelligence He knows where he belongs ... knows his assignments which helps him play faster."
"We took him out of high school hoping he'd develop into a player in two or three years. But within the first year he started to make an impact and, in 2003, he became a starter on special teams and made some big plays."
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"Law is more of a power running back, while Corey has more speed."
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