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Michael Jacobson Quotes

6 Michael Jacobson quotes:

"Listening to them, you would think they want studies done on humans."
Author: Jacobson Quotes Category: Listening Quotes
"Parents do bear the primary responsibility to ensure their kids eat a healthy diet. But the food industry is making their jobs nearly impossible. The industry needs to accept its fair share of the responsibility."
Author: Jacobson Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"Our goal is to get it out of the food supply. There are healthier alternatives."
Author: Jacobson Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"Their weight is front and center. And it's a far greater risk to their health than these artificial sweeteners."
Author: Jacobson Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"Canadian corrections are generally much more into rehabilitation in prisons and re-entry, ... They're not as punishment-oriented as we are. There is an emphasis on dealing with the underlying issues."
"Denmark has in effect banned partially hydrogenated oil; Canada is considering it. The United States ought to do the same."
Author: Jacobson Quotes Category: Canada Quotes

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