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Mark Francis Quotes

7 Mark Francis quotes:

"It's hard for them to say 'you've got to shut down this player or that player' because we've got a lot of people that can stick it in the net right now."
Author: Francis Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"I think that is probably the worst game that I have experienced as a coach at Kansas in the last four or five years. It was very disappointing."
Author: Francis Quotes Category: Coach Quotes
"As long as you have the support from the faculty, everything will go well, and everyone gives me lots of support, as I'm sure they'll give the new department head."
Author: Francis Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"Information was given to the feds in reference to some type of illegal wiretapping or listening device being used within the department."
"We scored some pretty good goals, but I thought we should've had four or five more. We've got to maintain our standard no matter who we're playing and what the score is. Right now, we're not doing that."
Author: Francis Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"She is extremely competitive. Whether it be in practice, an exhibition game, or a NCAA tournament game, she always brings the same everyday."
Author: Francis Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"This will be a great experience to see how our players compete against a great team like Team Canada. The spring is used to develop your players and this will be a good game to do just that."
Author: Francis Quotes Category: Canada Quotes

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