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Brian Evans Quotes

6 Brian Evans quotes:

"Canada will eradicate this disease, but this is not a disease that disappears overnight. This case is unwelcome, but not unexpected."
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Canada Quotes
"The animal was detected on the farm where it was born and no part of this animal entered the food for human consumption or feed for animal consumption purposes."
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"From a genetic perspective, there are significant strain differences in their structure."
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Perspective Quotes
"We realised after seeing Poseidon that CCTV technology is designed to revisit an incident that you have recorded, not to alert you to an incident,"
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Technology Quotes
"A late-model Chevrolet truck discharged a firearm into the truck, striking (Morales), forcing (Morales) to lose control of his vehicle and wreck."
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"We do recognize that we're dealing with an extremely hypersensitive environment, ... We feel that the request from the U.S. is not totally unreasonable."
Author: Evans Quotes Category: Environment Quotes

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