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"We're starting to look at this as a disease process, ... You can beat a disease. You can't beat developmental process."
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"Since 2004, Y.E.P.C. has invested millions of dollars at the direction of the Yemeni government. Up until Nov. 15, we fully expected that they would honor the contract. The government of Yemen had no right to take over this operation, and although we did not want to file an arbitration, they gave us no choice."
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"Sure, all the kids in town mean the economics we're talking about are at the lower end rather than the higher end. But let's not kid ourselves - there's a huge corporate presence here, a lot of sponsorship dollars. Just look at all the private parties."
"B.C. differs from the rest of Canada in that the trend is still downward in the rest of Canada as a whole, but in B.C. it's been upwards for the last three years."
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"We're getting a solid scientific and clinical foundation for the institute's future work."
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"If these companies grow here, they'll create high-paying jobs and significant revenues."
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