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"Given the competitive and demographic challenges facing Canada, tax reform is increasingly urgent. In the coming years, Canada should not simply react to changes in tax policy abroad, but should take the initiative and adopt policies that would unleash the Canadian tiger."
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"non-sensical. But to settle the softwood lumber dispute, does that mean we undersell energy products?"
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"If these important productivity-enhancing measures are going to be put on the back burner because the minority government is too afraid to work out the support for these sorts of things, I think Canadians are going to get rightfully very concerned about whether they're going to have a good government over the next couple of years."
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"The real answer to improving wealth in other provinces... is to pursue wealth-creating policies - especially in the largest province, Ontario,"
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"When one has money like this, you want to invest it the best way possible, where you can maximize the gains from it, ... If you want to get money back to people, I think cutting taxes is a good idea, especially cutting taxes that are doing the most harm to the economy, rather than just giving a blank cheque to people."
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