Greg Eckel Quotes

5 Greg Eckel quotes:

"I sense management has been put on a time line. People are looking for an event to surface value."
Author: Eckel Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"The demand for it in Canada is going to be insatiable."
Author: Eckel Quotes Category: Canada Quotes
"I just don't buy the story that Zucker will walk away, because he'll trash his own holdings. There's some value there and I think someone will get it."
Author: Eckel Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"It's a positive environment for Canadian stocks right now. We seem to be going into an extended cycle of rising commodity prices. Takeovers are creating a lot of action, supporting valuations."
Author: Eckel Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"After the huge gains in energy stocks this year, people may be taking some money off the table just to be careful. People may also be selling some shares in anticipation of the usual, seasonal decline early in the year for energy."
Author: Eckel Quotes Category: Energy Quotes

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