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"Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. It was great to have Wayne on the call this morning as he's still committed to Team Canada."
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"This is a Sutter team down to every little detail. This is a team. This isn't about two or three superstars. He needed everyone going to get to the gold-medal game and give Canada a very real chance to win it again, and that's what has happened here."
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"A lot of coaches could have won gold with that team last year, but not many could have won gold with this team this year."
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"Brent Sutter hasn't lost a game since he joined the program and if I didn't offer him the job again next year I think people would question my intelligence. They might do that anyway, but I'd like to think that I'd get this one right."
"I still want to stay in the sport on the hockey side -- that's my passion and where my strengths lie."
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"It is essential that we continue to educate administrators, coaches, parents, players, staff and volunteers on the negative effects of hazing."
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