Terri Clark Quotes

5 Terri Clark quotes:

"Artists who write songs... what they're going through usually comes through in their music."
"I think I've grown a lot in the last few years, and I needed to express myself as an artist on this. It wasn't necessarily about going in and making an album chocked full of hit singles... there were a lot of things I did out of the joy and the want to do it."
"It's really putting it out there. You bare your soul and hand it over to the critics to rip it apart or like it. Yeah, that is hard to do."
"That's a song about reaching deep inside yourself where you can completely be who you are."
"The best thing to do is stare it in the face and move on. We have to face our fears and plow through. I think taking chances takes a lot more courage than staying stagnant and doing what's safe and comfortable."

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