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Bruce Bochy Quotes

40 Bruce Bochy quotes:

"He doesn't play golf or poker like most players. He loves the outdoors. One thing about Ryan, he takes excellent care of himself. He doesn't stay out late and abuse himself. His interests are different. I do think he'll have a good year. He knows what's at stake."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Golf Quotes
"I hate to think that Trevor Hoffman would not be in a San Diego uniform, ... When you think of Trevor, you think of San Diego."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Hate Quotes
"Liney's been unbelievable. He's been giving us what we need."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"Woody threw the ball well, just had some tough luck in the (two-run) first inning."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Luck Quotes
"There's some pride here, ... We wanted to get that game. There's been a lot of talk about not finishing over .500. It'd be nice to play well the rest of the way."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Pride Quotes
"We may give them all extra rest."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"I think overall with his game, he's a little rusty. He's a major-league player; he's a major-league hitter. He's going to be back up here. I just think, at this point, he needs some time down there."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Game Quotes
"To be honest with you, I sure hope so. They have a heck of a team over there."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Hope Quotes
"Nobody got hurt. We got knocked out early in the first round."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Hurt Quotes
"Chan Ho did a great job. We need him to do what he did."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Job Quotes
"Miguel was starting the game that night. But he's out there hitting, and Ash knocked him down by accident. Miguel got right back in there and about hit Ash with a line drive."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"I'll just chalk it up as an off night for him,"
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Night Quotes
"We're not at full strength. I don't want to make an excuse, but it's floored some guys. It's zapped some guys. It's hit us hard."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"I'd like to get him going. He's had some success here. I'd like to get him swinging with confidence, because I know if Ryno is swinging well and swinging with confidence, we're a different ballclub."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"I wouldn't put him in the five-hole if I didn't think he was (capable). I think he's got discipline. He's got a nice swing and I think he could be a very productive guy in our lineup hitting in the 5-6-7 hole."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Discipline Quotes
"They are perfect in their execution."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Execution Quotes
"We're talking about a guy who's going into the Hall of Fame. He's got great presence, and what he's accomplished in the game is pretty remarkable, especially being a catcher. It's amazing, everybody knows about his power but this guy is a lifetime .300 hitter. He's a smart hitter, and what you appreciate when you watch Mike, even though he's a catcher and can't run like (Mike) Cameron, he's full-bore all the time. I mean, he gives you everything on the field."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Fame Quotes
"That was an efficient, well-played ballgame on our part. We needed that after the [12-2] beating they put on us [Friday night]."
"He just thinks about baseball. He said he doesn't go out. He just wants to go to the ballpark."
"Honestly, that wasn't a very good outing. His velocity was fine, but he had trouble getting the ball down. His stuff was good, and that's encouraging, but he made way too many mistakes."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Trouble Quotes

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