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40 Bruce Bochy quotes:

"It's hard to throw much better than that, ... He made it look easy. He had great command, good sinking action and was getting ground balls. He made adjustments, and it looks like he took it out there."
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"His presence and ability to do some damage can help get this offense clicking."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"At this age, I can't wear him into the ground. It's just too demanding a position. When you catch as much as he has over the years, it takes a toll on you. He can't do the things on a regular basis that he used to."
"I wouldn't put him in the five-hole if I didn't think he was (capable). I think he's got discipline. He's got a nice swing and I think he could be a very productive guy in our lineup hitting in the 5-6-7 hole."
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"They are perfect in their execution."
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"The failure to add on runs after a big first inning has been a problem. We've talked about it. We have to come out if it."
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"We're talking about a guy who's going into the Hall of Fame. He's got great presence, and what he's accomplished in the game is pretty remarkable, especially being a catcher. It's amazing, everybody knows about his power but this guy is a lifetime .300 hitter. He's a smart hitter, and what you appreciate when you watch Mike, even though he's a catcher and can't run like (Mike) Cameron, he's full-bore all the time. I mean, he gives you everything on the field."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Fame Quotes
"He's an impact player, one that's going to the Hall of Fame. Those guys have a swagger to them with their presence."
Author: Bochy Quotes Category: Fame Quotes
"The pitching staff has a sense of comfort with him. He has stepped in and done a great job. He has helped stabilize this team behind the plate, and given us some offense, too."
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"There's going to be a little more sense of comfort with him now. He knows this club, he knows the city, so it's nice to have him on the bench. He gives us depth and insurance in case something happens."
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"I'd like to get him going. He's had some success here. I'd like to get him swinging with confidence, because I know if Ryno is swinging well and swinging with confidence, we're a different ballclub."
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"He just thinks about baseball. He said he doesn't go out. He just wants to go to the ballpark."
"Our objective is to get to the playoffs and play good baseball. We'll figure that out once that happens."
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"That was an efficient, well-played ballgame on our part. We needed that after the [12-2] beating they put on us [Friday night]."
"I think overall with his game, he's a little rusty. He's a major-league player; he's a major-league hitter. He's going to be back up here. I just think, at this point, he needs some time down there."
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"When you do it three out of four games, you really believe it,"
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"To be honest with you, I sure hope so. They have a heck of a team over there."
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"Nobody got hurt. We got knocked out early in the first round."
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"Ryno is a presence, a force, ... When he's right, he can carry the ballclub. I thought he swung pretty good [on Monday night, going 1-for-3]. He needs to quit breaking it down [mentally] and go up there and let it go. When you struggle, you're getting ideas from everybody. He needs to keep it simple."
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"Liney's been unbelievable. He's been giving us what we need."
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