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81 Marvin Lewis quotes:

"Gee whiz. The guy got hurt. Let it go. There's nothing you can do. You can't get it back. To sit there and baby and cry like their quarterback did - ridiculous."
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"We have a plan. Some of it can be the game plan, some of it can be the opponent, where other guys are at the position health-wise. Sunday morning we should be pretty close. I want to make sure the guys who should be OK and ready to go are OK and ready to go."
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"[It's just the way Palmer goes about life. At a golf tournament, he and Lewis were playing with a corporate chief executive. The man marveled at Palmer's natural abilities.] I see it every day, ... But you would never know he is so good at everything. He just shows up, performs great and sort of slips out the door."
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"He's got a lot of football ahead of him here."
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"We're in a situation on our football team where no matter what position the guy plays, he doesn't necessarily have to come in right now and be the bell cow. We don't have to put the pressure on that guy to do that, right or wrong. But when we pick that first pick, we want a guy that we feel can be a fine pro for a long time."
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"We played another physical football game and we knew it was going to be that type of game. We've got to make corrections, both players and coaches."
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"The defined role is to get him in the game and get him the football in his hands as much as we can."
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"He finds a way to make football plays,"
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"That's a part of it. There's no question that goes through [our] mind. But you don't go into this thing to fail. If you do the research, the character, the background all the way through ... you've got to feel like you've done the right thing."
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"We're obviously doing without some of our leaders."
"He is just so, so fast, and has a great competitive spirit about him when he gets an opportunity to get in the football game."
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"They'll keep playing. We didn't play well at the beginning of the game and were playing uphill. But we kept playing and hanging in there together."
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"Obviously you draft a player, (and) you really, really, really like the player. You really, really want to coach him."
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"He's just a phenomenal athlete and has very quick feet, good speed and he has the desire to catch the ball."
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"I have no doubt in my mind that it's time for our team to achieve success. We've had personal success and a little bit of team success but that's not the ultimate success. The only way to get the ultimate success is to become a football team totally. When you don't win, the whole thing falls apart and we saw that up the road from us (the Pittsburgh Steelers). They figured out a way to turn it around and get it righted. We saw a couple of years ago with Baltimore."
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"He pushed very hard to get this done."
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"This is a key development for our team. It further secures our future with one of our top players, in the prime of his career, and I want to commend Chad for his efforts in making it happen. He is showing his commitment to what we have going here."
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"I'm proud of our guys for how hard they've worked, giving everybody something to smile about. We're ready to keep going."
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"I thought our offense did a good job of fighting through some early difficulties. But we have to do a better job of field position. That hurt us on both sides of the ball."
"It just tells you that we have a good football team, but we need to play good at all times or that's what's going to happen. We have enough good players and a team that has some resolve."
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