Billy Tauzin Quotes

4 Billy Tauzin quotes:

"If it's a medicine that makes a difference in whether you're going to get cancer or not, you probably ought to get it out a little quicker."
Author: Tauzin Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"As members of Congress, we believe it is our obligation to forward specific and credible information in our possession that could suggest a federal crime has been committed,"
Author: Tauzin Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"I think we're finding what may clearly end up being security fraud, ... Attempts not to hedge or put debt out of the company, which many companies do, [but] literally fraudulent, phony attempts to do so in violation of current accounting practices, practices that should've been discovered by Enron's auditors at Arthur Andersen."
Author: Tauzin Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"We have found that Enron's financial statements violated numerous existing accounting rules,"
Author: Tauzin Quotes Category: Rules Quotes

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