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Margo Wootan Quotes

10 Margo Wootan quotes:

"The money from soda contracts comes out of children's and parents' pockets. Coke, Pepsi, and other junk-food marketers enjoy being in schools because they know it is one of the only places they can target kids without parental interference."
Author: Wootan Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"[Communities that do step up to reverse poor nutrition trends often face considerable opposition from soda and junk food manufacturers, but while] it used to be that industry always won, that's not always the case now, ... because schools are already in the business of feeding children; it's a matter of changing what's offered, not necessarily taking on new responsibilities."
Author: Wootan Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"I work in this area, and I don't even know what some of those things are referring to."
Author: Wootan Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"The agency has done a good job with the official school lunch and could do a good job with all other food."
Author: Wootan Quotes Category: School Quotes
"It's as important for children to know how to prevent heart disease, cancer and diabetes as it is for children to learn geography, ... These are important life skills that are not intuitively obvious."
Author: Wootan Quotes Category: Cancer Quotes
"The definition is out of date and out of sync with current nutritional concerns for children,"
Author: Wootan Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"It's moving in the right direction, but too often the information is hard to find, and hard to use."
Author: Wootan Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"The gist of what it says is clear -- that companies are not marketing food responsibly to kids. They need to make changes."
Author: Wootan Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"This is the first acknowledgment by the F.T.C. that there should be nutrition standards for food that's marketed to kids."
Author: Wootan Quotes Category: Food Quotes
"Schools can make money without selling junk food."
Author: Wootan Quotes Category: Food Quotes

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