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"This is a novel study, and although the results seem disappointing to some, we see points of encouragement."
"We don't see any hint of a reduction in (colorectal cancer). For heart disease, we saw only a tiny reduction in the bad cholesterol."
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"The bottom line is that changing to a low-fat diet may reduce breast cancer risk, especially among women who have a relatively high-fat diet to begin with, but we don't view our data as strong enough at this time to make a broad recommendation that all women initiate a low-fat diet for that purpose."
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"The long-term legacy will be one of encouraging this research area. We need to find that intervention that will make a big difference."
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"I think women who are currently following a low-fat diet should be encouraged to do so. We didn't see any unfavorable effects. For women who are at high risk for breast cancer, they should talk it over with their physicians whether adopting a low-fat diet might be warranted."
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