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"I spoke to him early the week following the pardon, and we had a relatively brief conversation in which he affirmed to me that he had made this decision on the merits and expressed a concern that we make sure that people understood the basis for the application and the merits that were before him,"
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"I was surprised it was such a large drop. Obviously, (the government) couldn't care less who's buying these."
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"It's a sad day for everybody and I think for the country when we lose somebody who's as serious about legislation as Sonny Bono. A lot of people used to poke fun at him and maybe didn't think he was serious as a congressman here in Washington but he did a great job and we're going to miss him."
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"is steeped in health care policy and is a valuable resource for our clients."
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"We don't hire for connections. We hire for smarts and the ability to work with others,"
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"Knowing the conditions in place today, ... I would think the community would want to examine any and all sports facilities built in recent years to see what arrangements were made."
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"People are sitting on fortunes and they don't even know it, ... The face amount has nothing to do with the actual value of the bond."
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