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"He's one of a kind."
"In the past, Darrell has not practiced at all, not even been with our team, and came out and had some of the greatest games of his career."
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"I'm not worried at all about Bobby. I'm not worried at all about Darrell. In the past, Darrell hasn't practiced at all with the team and come out and had the best games of his career."
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"I think we have a group that gets it more than we have in the past."
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"Some of us Seahawks feel that we let the NFC down this past week. So we've got to step it up a little bit. We owe these guys."
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"They don't do it just to do it. It means something here for our team. My mother got to raise the flag. It's a big deal."
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"I'm almost embarrassed. I took two years of French in high school, and I hadn't the slightest clue what he was saying."
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"Miscommunication. Usually, that is a wide receiver running that. I was thinking one thing and Jerramy was thinking another."
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"The coaches we have don't blink when they see it. They understand it. We have rules about how we like to play against the 3-4. We know it."
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"I was happy to be in the NFL, living the dream. I'd get to play in the preseason when Brett would play a series or two and I got to play a quarter and a half and my whole family would come to town for the game. They never wanted tickets for the playoff games or the regular-season games, just the preseason games."
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"We can't make the mistakes that we made and expect to win."
"You can't make the mistakes like we did and expect to win the game."
"You can't make the mistakes we made and expect to beat a good team like this. The Steelers played well enough to win, and we didn't. They should get the credit."
"I got fooled by my receiver [Darrell Jackson]. You can't make the mistakes we made and expect to win."
"You can't make the mistakes we made and expect to win against a good team like this."
"When I first got here, people talked about the 12th Man at Husky Stadium, and I didn't believe it. When we moved into Qwest Field, it's been different, especially the last three years. I've played in a lot of stadiums, and this is the loudest. Dome or no dome, our fans, for whatever reason, know how to get loud."
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"Seneca is a talent, we all know that. That definitely was a spark for us."
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"We thought that maybe we would struggle a little bit more than we did, ... But those guys played great."
"What you find is that the better you are at listening, the better friend you are, the better person you are, the better player you become."
"I would love to see him more, but that is not really my call."
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