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Rick Hendrick Quotes

10 Rick Hendrick quotes:

"[Hendrick's son, Ricky, killed in a plane wreck last year, had worked closely with Busch.] Ricky had so much confidence in Kyle and the structure of the two teams, and to see the two cars run like that, and Kyle to win, and become the youngest guy.... ... Kyle has done a super job. He got a lot of criticism early on that he was too young. But I'm just really proud."
"It is to the glory of God that I present the Kimberly Hendrick scholarship award to Christy Connors,"
Author: Hendrick Quotes Category: Glory Quotes
"I'm out of breath. This race is unbelievable, a race everybody wants to win. We're going to celebrate this one."
Author: Hendrick Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"The momentum and the talent we have going into this year, we have never worked this close together, I'm really excited about this year."
Author: Hendrick Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"You know, to see both cars run well this year, it's outstanding. It means a lot, because we know the equipment is the same. These guys have done an outstanding job."
Author: Hendrick Quotes Category: Cars Quotes
"I think that Ricky had so much confidence in Kyle and the structure of the 25 and the 5, and to see the two cars run like that tonight and Kyle to win the race and become the youngest guy, it's incredible,"
"For somebody to take a shot at him is totally disappointing and hurtful to my family, my mother, his wife and child. For Dianne to say we turned our back on her or nobody helped her. I paid Randy's bonus in '04. I paid him six months in '05. She got a BMW. I paid her insurance. ... When you attack my family personally when we've done everything we can, I was very disappointed in Diane and I thought it was uncalled for and inaccurate."
Author: Hendrick Quotes Category: Family Quotes
"It's fun to watch him drive, ... We're just happy we got him in the stable."
Author: Hendrick Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Everyone on that plane believed in what we do, and they wound up giving up their lives for it, ... No matter how much it hurts -- and it hurts a lot -- we have to go on and try to honor them by what we do from here on out."
Author: Hendrick Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"We want to get on with life. This was all hard on the team and the sponsors, so moving on is the way we'd rather do it. It's our fault, and I wish they had done whatever they're going to do - either today or tomorrow - last week and been done with it."
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