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"That's what's haunted us all year, the inability to score goals."
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"I thought that was a game we could have gone up by certainly at least two, maybe three (goals). But we couldn't get the puck in the net."
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"Obviously we'd love to score six or seven goals but we don't do that. You're not going to beat people easy."
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"I thought we could have had four or five (goals) in the first but you don't. You let them hang around and then they took the game away in the second."
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"He's missed so much time. The darn injuries the last couple years have really slowed his growth down, and now he's getting games in consecutive fashion and I think he's responding very well to that."
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"I thought we played really well. You don't beat a quality team like Michigan without playing very, very well."
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"They've had trouble scoring and they've got some injury situations. I expect it to be a defensive game. I think we'll see some fallback and some neutral zone trapping."
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"They're an older, bigger, stronger team, and those teams have given us a little bit of trouble at times because we're a younger team."
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"I think the nature of Big Ten schools (is) they're not happy just to have programs. You put smiles on people's faces by winning. And the expectation is you do it the right way."
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"We maybe looked a little tired tonight, but I thought our kids never panicked, and got a hard-earned win in overtime. It is so important, particularly at this point of the season, to get points on the road. We got one win, and now its time to start focusing on getting another one tomorrow."
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"He (the referee) told me that he's allowed to play it when he steps off the bench. In his mind, he thought the guy was close enough."
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"No matter what threesome I seem to have in there, they go out and do their job. But they've had an ability this year at times to go out and turn a game our way."
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"If there hadn't been an injury, they probably would have played every game together. I like the way they work off each other."
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"It was so nice to have the opportunity to put them out there at the end. We have five seniors ? we'll miss them badly. They've been super for us."
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"Tyler Howells made a play that was just great. But as a coach, I was still worried with 10 seconds left."

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