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"I knew there was going to be a ton of adversity and a lot of ups and downs, and that's what's happened. We've gone through some now for 41 games. Now we have to learn to fight through it and just try to find a way to get points. We are not in a situation where, and I'm trying to stress to the guys, don't look at the standings or projections or this, that or the other thing. We're taking it a game at a time and I think that really has to be our concentration. One game at a time and try to find a way to get points each and every game."
"I'll put him up against anyone in this league as far as skating ability."
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"He's a real interesting project. I'll put him up against anybody in this league as far as skating ability, as far as speed and the strength that he brings, bringing pucks to the net."
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"Real cute hockey team. We [stunk]."
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"We're all going to miss Rammer, there's no question about that. But we have to go about our business. He has always been a very steady influence to everything and we'll miss him."
"We just have to keep fighting. We have to stay together as a team."
"We came back three times. It was tremendous as far as that's concerned. But as far as our concentration level and what we have to do to continue to get better, I thought we were a sloppy team."
"I'm not down on the players. I'm down on the circumstances we're in, but I'm not down on the players. It is frustrating though."
"I just couldn't wait to start another game. That was probably, to me, one of the toughest losses I've gone through. I'm glad they responded."
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"Your best players need to be your best players and almost dominate games. Or your goaltending dominates a game. You just need some dominating performances, and if you're going to have dominating performances, it's going to come from your best guys. And if you sprinkle two or three of those in six games, and you find a way to win four or five games, that's when you start getting that swagger back."
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"It was cheap. There is no honor in it."
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"I don't care how it looked, it's about finding a way and it starts with your goaltending giving you a chance and the past two nights we have definitely got that."
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"That's a calm influence from the goaltender on out, and that does feed out through the team."
"That's a part of the game now. I hate it, but it's part of the game and our guys are going to have to produce."
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"I'm not going to bulls--- you; we're in a tough situation. We're down 3-1 to a real quality hockey team."
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"I think he is great for our game. He has some jam to his game to add to his talent and the dynamic player he is he's the total package. He can be a one-on-one player, but he can also make a play and make another player look good. With that talent and that type of jam, he has the full package."
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"I've tried to work with him this year. I remember I told him a few weeks ago, I said, 'Arty, don't worry about anything, just go and hit as hard as you possibly can.' He proceeded to go out and take four penalties. So, it's kind of a give and take here. But we want him to play hard. And the book on Arty is that he goes up and down as far as his readiness to play. But remember, he is a raw talent. And still a very young man, and you have to live with some of those bumps."
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"All we can worry about is the next game. We can't get caught up in the big picture and what's down the road and all that. Our goal has to be that day. If it's a game, then we need to worry about that. If it's a practice, we need to worry about that. One day. That's all we can think about."
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