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6 Gerald Cohen quotes:

"The claims have not been low enough to merit cheering, but the direction has been generally positive, and that's the first step."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Direction Quotes
"What group often combines a keen sense of humor with bad taste? ... College students."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: College Quotes
"Unlike traditional application integration vendors and the pure-play BI players, Information Builders has a history of offering an integrated approach to business intelligence and is the only vendor to take an incremental approach to integration. As more and more enterprises are faced with linking critical business applications such as BI, CRM and ERP, the ability to leverage these existing investments will make for more effective application output fit for business use."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: History Quotes
"We're seeing slow but steady improvement in the job market."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Improvement Quotes
"It's consistent with the view that things are not good now, but there's the potential for a pickup. The only question is what the magnitude of the pickup is going to be, and we're not as sanguine as [Greenspan is] about that."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"No two periods are ever identical, and we don't expect cars to sprout fins, but we do think that there's a good chance that many of the favorable economic trends of the 1950s will re-emerge in the years immediately ahead."
Author: Cohen Quotes Category: Cars Quotes

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