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Tom Hansen Quotes

9 Tom Hansen quotes:

"[Pac-10 Commissioner Tom Hansen said Stoops is an example of the upgraded coaching across the conference.] It's pretty clear that Mike has that program headed in a good direction, ... I don't think there's any doubt he's going to succeed there."
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"I've talked to some of these convenience stores that do like this touch play because they say it brings income into their stores. Again, if there were more people living out in the country, they wouldn't need these touch play machines because there would be more people in their stores buying things."
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"It's something schools are really lacking. You know the saying, 'if you don't know history, you're doomed to repeat it'."
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"It (stunk) so much last year, ... You missed running. You just wanted to do sprints so bad."
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"Property taxes are too high because valuations are too high. I would support a tax shift, with an increase of sales and income taxes. It will not be a popular idea, but the burden of property taxes is too high on farm and ranch land."
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"When we sell television properties, ... we're already claiming all of California."
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"We've ran for our lives countless times because trucks and cars have slid sideways on icy roads at a wreck we're working."
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"If they want 9-2 teams, that's their choice,"
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"The idea is to try to get relationships developed because it's my thought that when an athletic director has to hire a major coach, he doesn't have time to really start meeting people. There's the statement made that ADs hire people they know. Well, it's true. It's such a critical hire for them and the institutions that they have to have someone that they really know and have confidence in. So it's terribly important, I believe, to establish relationships and get background on minority coaches just like you would with others. So we took some extra effort to make sure that occurs."

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