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9 David Champion quotes:

"I don't think parents really realize the potential danger of power windows."
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"The automobile has probably got the worst environment for electronics. They're very dry, very dusty; or very hot and humid; or very cold and wet."
"When cars are launched, we see the first year of a redesigned model as less reliable than later years. First-year blues, we call it."
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"Once GM gets to average reliability on our scores, they seem to take the emphasis off continual improvement. We see other manufacturers that are mortified by an average score. It's a different mind-set."
"The redesigned Honda Civic is a major improvement over the previous generation. The 2006 Civic is refined and economical, with fairly nimble handling and relatively comfortable ride."
"The progress that some of the manufacturers have been making seems to have stalled."
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"Safety is our primary theme. Basically, cars are getting much, much better. At one time, one or two cars stood out in the pack. Now we're seeing in most categories that there are three or four different cars you could choose from."
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"It's nearly always electrical and power equipment."
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"You don't really need to forego practicality to have sports car performance."

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