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"For a freshman, she's as good as it gets, ... She comes from a tennis family, she's a nice girl and she can flat-out bring it."
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"I have decided to inform my colleagues and constituents that during my 33-year marriage to my wife, Bonnie, I have on occasion strayed from my marriage, and doing so nearly cost me my marriage and my family,"
"It seems to me that at this time, the Congress has to own up to its responsibilities. Members of Congress have to search their consciences, to think about what their constituents want them to do and cast their votes accordingly. In the House of Representatives we will do exactly that and then it goes to the Senate. I am sure the Senate will do that as well."
"We have left the issue of impeachment to the consciences of the men and women in the Congress, ... Unfortunately, that's not been the case with respect to the White House and the administration. They've weighed in, they've lobbied, but we've said it's a matter of conscience."
"I was a goodie-good kid; my parents both worked for the First Methodist Church in Lubbock. My father was the Activities Director, and my mother was the General Secretary of the church.So I grew up in this church environment, but at the same time I had these thoughts of rebellion."
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"I'm in India at this point. I'm trying to figure out how I can get gigs there. Because an American couldn't even get a job there. India is such a closed society that anything that you got-TVs, cars, whatever-is made there. They don't import anything; duty is so high. So you can't get a job as like a touring band."
"We are the majority -- have been the majority for the last four years, thanks to my friend Newt Gingrich ... But the problem is we are losing momentum. And what we don't want to do is be a minority party in two years and my speaker's race was integral to our keeping the majority party."
"a chicken in every pot."
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