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Michael Freeman Quotes

6 Michael Freeman quotes:

"There are two issues here. The heart of the settlement is the $14-21 million the city has agreed to pay to stop future problems along the highway. There's an additional $300,000 expenditure in the settlement to clean up areas already harmed by the sediment drainage. We think the Forest Service should help cover these costs."
Author: Freeman Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"If you're a student, you take one step into the digital learning center, and you can do all your research, all your packaging, all your copying. When you step out of the library, you're ready to take the next step right into the classroom with a finished product."
Author: Freeman Quotes Category: Learning Quotes
"If it was left solely to the devices of the government, that wouldn't have happened."
Author: Freeman Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"The fairest thing to do would be to call those kids back. I want to be assured that not just my school champion, but that all the kids have a fair shake."
Author: Freeman Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"Up to now, I've been able to avoid Windows NT because the computers that control the power system are for the most part VAXes. But as more things we use, such as time sheets and discrepancy reports, migrate to the NT network, I'll need to do NT. I don't know what will happen; all I can do is try."
Author: Freeman Quotes Category: Computers Quotes
"The whole point is to not to unduly delay travelers coming into country. We're trying to ... deter threats to our country."
Author: Freeman Quotes Category: Country Quotes

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