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5 Michael Englund quotes:

"We would not be able to land (in Stockholm) until 1:30 a.m. and that is not reasonable."
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"In general, the economy is proving to be resilient to energy and gas price pressure. It's on a growth path. Even though oil prices are higher, the fundamentals of the economy are strong. Therefore, we see consumers' savings rate falling and spending up."
"The story is all about oil. This is still a fluid situation but we have enough information to feel comfortable lowering our economic growth estimate even further."
"Producers tried to catch up with strong sales starting in June and July, but they can't keep up. Auto inventories took a big hit."
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"Consumers are always concerned about the economy but the key is whether they are predisposed to increasing caution when it comes to spending. I think today's report demonstrates that the hurricanes had an ambiguous affect on spending."
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