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7 Liam Fox quotes:

"Britain needs an education system that is appropriate to both society and the individual - and it is wrong to pretend that watering down academic standards in pursuit of universal achievement will do that,"
Author: Fox Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"It's simply not sensible ... for the government to say there is no link whatsoever between what is happening in Iraq and what is happening in terms of recruiting extremists."
Author: Fox Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"The whole thing is really quite pathetic. Here we have two self-obsessed schoolboys who spend all their time thinking about themselves and their future and not the future of the country."
Author: Fox Quotes Category: Self Quotes
"Instead of reaching inside ourselves we need to remind the country we are the natural party of government."
Author: Fox Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"It was wrong for the European Union's foreign affairs spokesman Javier Solana to rule out the use of force. It is wrong for Britain's Foreign Secretary, Jack Straw, to echo him."
Author: Fox Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"lied and broke the law and he must answer for that."
Author: Fox Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"I've made it very clear what I believe in -- a sense of family, community, respect for the law, Britain controlling its own direction,"
Author: Fox Quotes Category: Community Quotes

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