Jeff Price Quotes

5 Jeff Price quotes:

"The ability to have consistent delivery across the roadmap … customers love that ability to plan and predict what technology is coming from Microsoft."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Ability Quotes
"If they can keep improving week in and week out, they're going to have a fun year. If they go out, make mental mistakes and not stay focused, it can be an ugly night."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"It is the future of this brand and most magazines. Great content products across multiple platforms -- swimsuits is the precursor to that evolution."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"It's hard to have a funeral in the morning and come coach a game at night. I know that my mother would be extremely mad if I didn't coach, and that's why I came. It's an experience I don't wish on anybody."
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"Another night, in September, we had eight fires in a row."
Author: Price Quotes Category: Night Quotes

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