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"We've cut down on turnovers. We had a problem turning the ball over at the beginning of the season, We were averaging about 19 turnovers at the beginning of the season and we're now down to 15 to 16 turnovers. So that's a major improvement."
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"Much like your favorite music, your favorite jeans are a unique expression and reflection of your individual style. The relationship between jeans and music is a hallmark of Gap's identity, so we're thrilled to team up with iTunes to bring this connection to life for our customers."
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"He picks his spots. He's not vocal every day, but the guys know he is serious and he means business. He will come up to guys late in a ball game and give them encouragement and he'll also find a way to get it himself."
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"There's definitely a preference to stay home, ... But I think there's always going to be an appeal to go out to the movies, especially among younger people because it's something to do."
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"Right at the beginning of the second half, we had a couple of guys that come out looking lethargic. Maybe we need to look at our first-half warm-up."
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"Dominique has the ability to go out and shoot the three, but he also does a great job posting up."
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"As a faith community, we want to respond, whether that is individually or as an organization."
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"I don't know if [toughness] comes from the academy and what this environment breeds, but they feed off of that. Somehow we've got to become tougher. They stepped up and kicked our butts."
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"(Evan) loosens up with the rhythm of the horse. He can tighten up, really tight, and it's hard to keep him limber."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Hard Quotes
"It'll be a blast, a load of fun-even bigger than last year,"
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Fun Quotes
"Basically, what it means is we have a jobs to housing imbalance in the area,"
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"We're excited. We've got 13 girls and eight are freshmen and sophomores. This is a good experience for them. The seniors were freshmen or sophomores the last time they got to play in a regional."
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"The kids are playing hard right now, and we're looking to get better. The kids are really responding on the defensive end."
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"It's a sign that their new management is focused on the bottom line. It wasn't going to be turned around soon."
Author: Jones Quotes Category: Management Quotes

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