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"The win was a wonderful carry over. Being the new guy in the conference in our first year, it's so difficult to play a team the first time. The second time, you know what to expect and we didn't have to prepare as much."
"[That's not true, actually. St. Joseph's may not have been the better team Saturday night, but it is certainly a better team than Old Dominion is. That, however, isn't always enough. Therein lies the peril of hunting season, because if a team posts a significant win or two, a bullseye is sure to follow. Lutz can no doubt see that trouble lurking ahead, beginning Wednesday night when Charlotte plays at Alabama.] I guarantee you, ... that Alabama's players are looking at us a little differently than they were in the beginning of the year."
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"We know that we're not a one-man or a two-man team. To win and not have Curt score much, that's a good sign for our team."
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"You kind of have to pick your poison. You didn't want to give up 3s, and you didn't want to let him have easy opportunities. They just made a lot of shots."
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"What a sophomore class they have. For the next two years, they're going to be a force in this league."
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"It all fits in with the way they play. They're relentless. They're really good on defense, and the fact they can come with so many different guys allows them to stay fresh."
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"The goals for us haven't changed any from one league to the next. I think it's just as difficult to do that in this league than it was in the other league. Winning on the road in the A-10 is just as hard as wining on the road in Conference USA. I honestly believe that."
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"Any time you have a player who has his talent and skills and is hungry to get better, you're excited. I'm really excited about the things he can do."
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"They've shown the ability to do it. We have a league with tremendous balance. It makes what they're doing more impressive."
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"There's a comfort level, knowing what they're about. But it's also scary because we know what they're about."
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"Our team has a lot of confidence. Even if we get behind, we've done it enough that we think we can win. To continue to find a way to win on the road in a hostile environment that was incredibly loud, it goes a long way in boosting your confidence."
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"He doesn't need to have five or six moves, and we don't want to take his power game away from him. He will dunk on people, but when people push off the block or play behind him, we want to give him a move over each shoulder and have him score over people."
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