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"We strongly urged those involved to release the arrested government officials."
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"He says it doesn't matter if people are socialist -- we're going to fight together with them to destroy everything that we can."
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"All the cars were lined up. The bags were packed. People were ready to go, ... At any moment we could have gotten in the motorcade and departed. This was real."
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"a very long-standing practice not to comment on matters of that kind."
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"takes into account our discussions with Iraqis, with other [Security Council] members, with coalition partners, Arab states and others in the region."
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"There's been a lot of speculation, one way or the other, on the peace process"
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"The purpose of these talks is to get started,"
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"We have been working with Italian authorities, and we'll continue to work with them as they investigate those who have been arrested."
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"We support the emergence of China in the region and on the world stage in many areas, as it's doing, ... we also expect China to play by the rules, to adopt the various standards of conduct that other responsible international players use."
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"Our belief is in democracy. The Hong Kong people and the Hong Kong government need to start addressing this issue."
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"The worldwide caution we put out on June 22 does indicate that posts may temporarily suspend operations or close to the public in response to threat information, security concerns or simply to review security postures."
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"We'll look at the letter, but that's all it is. Iraq has no choice but to comply with the resolution's terms. Iraq's letter is one of the requirements. The next ones are full disclosure and active cooperation with the inspectors."
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"It's long been our position that cooperation between members of the Colombian armed forces and the paramilitary groups is unacceptable, and we welcome this decision by the courts,"
"The international community has made quite clear they want to see the North Korean missile program curbed. The Russians share that desire and we'll be talking to them about how to do it, as well as talking to the allies."
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"The determination is there, ... The effort has certainly not slackened in any way. And I think the parties wouldn't be here -- we wouldn't be here -- if we didn't think there was some potential."
"We are looking to get a good agreement -- one that can stand the test of time."
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"We have made quite clear that the influence that Syria has, and others have, on Hezbollah needs to be used in a positive direction and needs to be used to try to restrain these kinds of attacks."
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"We have no intention of sitting down and bargaining again (with North Korea)."
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"We've made clear that we would like to see all these people released and able to return home."
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"People at posts were looking forward to having their families back with them, and at that time we operated on the best security information we had."
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