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"We've always made clear that we felt that Somalia and the situation that existed there made it a potential haven for terrorists."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"We're told the session was useful. Preliminary reporting indicates that they made some progress."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"At least 27 American citizens have been abducted along the border over the past six months."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Past Quotes
"Ms Tanaka said she understood the need for the United States to pursue this area, to conduct the research,"
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Research Quotes
"We are actively considering all these legal issues and trying to work with the other governments involved to make sure that their concerns are satisfied,"
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Trying Quotes
"the need to end the cycle of violence is still there."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"Much of the violence that we see now is being created by the gangs that were once aligned with the Aristide government. Without that factor, Haiti would be much closer to the rule of law and farther away from gang violence. So it's critical for the actors who supported these groups and who supported this violence to be part of ending it."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"immediate, credible steps to end terror and violence."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"In this context, we think the Palestinians have not done enough to fight terror and to end the violence."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"We've given ourselves another five months to work through this."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Work Quotes
"There's no question that the requirement is on Arafat right now to take strong and irreversible action, ... reviewing what our policy, what the next steps ought to be."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"We consider free press to be an essential element of a healthy democracy."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"expanding economic opportunity and democracy (and) respect for the rule of law."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"Their transparency and cooperation in resolving this matter is a strong example of how states should respond in complying with their obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty."
"The United States will ensure that responses to this reward notice will be kept in strict confidence. Individuals providing information leading to the arrest or conviction of those responsible for the attack on the USS Cole may be eligible for protection of their identities and relocation with their families to the United States."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"The Iraqis have been able to put into place the kind of monitoring and control systems that are necessary"
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"We don?t see a competition between [the United State and] Russia and China. A lot of what we do here is to give the countries of the region the opportunity to make choices and keep them from being bottled up between two great powers, Russia and China."
"We think such a position conveys on him certain responsibilities -- to exercise restraint where he has influence to prevent any further escalatory violence."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Exercise Quotes
"There were numerous, reliable accounts of irregularities in today's voting. The world is watching these elections and the response of the authorities in Belgrade very closely."
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Elections Quotes
"Reports being compiled paint a very disturbing picture of the events and the government of Uzbekistan's reaction to them,"
Author: Boucher Quotes Category: Events Quotes

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