Jim Hodges Quotes

7 Jim Hodges quotes:

"I can assure you support of my administration to try to bring that dream into reality,"
Author: Hodges Quotes Category: Reality Quotes
"When I make art, I think about its ability to connect with others, to bring them into the process."
Author: Hodges Quotes Category: Art Quotes
"After looking at all the candidates, he has the best plan for education, ... I am proud to offer my endorsement to Al Gore."
Author: Hodges Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"I was very hands-on with the Ports Authority because we had a lot of issues with them, ... Our big issues were funding of the new bridge in Charleston, whether to expand in Charleston. Port issues were front and center during our administration."
Author: Hodges Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"When I signed the letter, I told them as I believe then as I do now that a port belongs in Jasper, and if they did not move forward with some facility in Jasper County, the people of Jasper should be able to do it,"
Author: Hodges Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"Color is an intense experience on its own."
Author: Hodges Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"My big concern is keeping people off the highways today, so that we have no further accidents,"
Author: Hodges Quotes Category: Accidents Quotes

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