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Joe Taylor Quotes

9 Joe Taylor quotes:

"It makes a big impression. Him doing that gives kids the idea that he knows what he's doing and is going to be a hard-core coach."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"We were looking for leverage and speed. Football has become a game of speed, and that's true even on the offensive line."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Football Quotes
"We don't look at this as a problem. We see it as an opportunity for the other guys to show what they can do."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Opportunity Quotes
"Rural development must be considered a strategic national objective, one supporting a global objective of economic prosperity. The challenges facing rural communities require, from all of us here today, a level of innovative thinking, risk taking and leadership that is no less important or potentially worthwhile than those in earlier times."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Challenges Quotes
"We're very fortunate to come away with a victory. Luckily, we were able to overcome the turnovers by making a few plays when we needed to."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Victory Quotes
"It takes time to save time."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"The essence of the report is that we've gotten better, we've moved forward. We've tried to alert parents and young people that students are not here as athletes, they're here to learn and do research."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"It's been really interesting for me ... to share in the experience with someone who is seeing the quilt for the first time. Just how surprised they are by the number of quilts and also by the detail and the love that people put into each quilt. Each time I see someone who's never seen it, who's seeing it for the first time, moves me."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Experience Quotes
"We need eyes and ears on the ground for things we can't do ourselves."
Author: Taylor Quotes Category: Eyes Quotes

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