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Jean Killy Quotes

7 Jean Killy quotes:

"The best and fastest way to learn a sport is to watch and imitate a champion."
"I will always be someone who wants to do better than others. I love competition."
Author: Killy Quotes Category: Competition Quotes
"Winning tastes good."
"If you take the quality of the sites, the quality of the sports, you couldn't do really any better than that. For the atmosphere, there was magic here and there, but not everywhere."
Author: Killy Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"To win you have to risk loss."
"The IOC will continue to worry until after the closing ceremony, just as we do at every Olympic Games."
Author: Killy Quotes Category: Games Quotes
"It is not an obligation but a joy"
Author: Killy Quotes Category: Joy Quotes

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